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This season, we explore an inspirational space nestled in the heart of the CBD, which celebrates the history of architecture with its international appeal.

Renaissance architecture, which first appeared in the 15th century in Florence, Italy is characterized by symmetry, harmony and intricate decorations. Architectural elements such as domes, arches, pilasters, pediments and columns are distinguishing features of this style. 

Comprising four stories, all with soaring ceilings and marked with intricate decorations. From the street, you see the arched windows, framed with soft linen curtains. The design is gentle and alluring to observe.

Inside, the curved archways usher you through to generous spaces, which are both luxurious and grand. The symmetry of the setting is distributed by deep timber beans, alcoves and soaring sky-high ceilings. The pigment of the walls is varied with exposed brickwork that incites an appreciation for the ancient charisma of the building and considered workmanship. 

The openness of the grand space enabled a world of endless possibilities, exploring international aesthetics that evoke a sense of escapism. 

And if this world didn’t exist, you’d still want to go there. 

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