At Coco Republic, we believe that the most important aspect to design is the emotional connection it evokes and ultimately how it makes you feel.

Home, as a feeling, holds a multitude of meanings. A place that conveys a sense of calmness, enjoyment, renewal and protection from the outside world. A place of self-expression and daily connection with spaces independently unique, but collectively bound by feelings and emotion.

We believe that a home enriched with feeling is the backbone to enjoying a happy life.

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Extraordinary, meaning remarkable or very unusual, emanates an energy that incites a dialogue with all the senses. An extraordinary space we explored recently was in the heart of Sydney CBD. A space embracing the beauty of natural imperfections in architecture, which are intrinsic to combining old, new and the use of raw building materials.

The space has a classic timeless elegance and distinctive international architectural aesthetic, which binds the feelings of history with the present.

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Within each space, stories and memories are formed. The quality of our memories is strongly influenced by the quality of the spaces in which they are formed. The influence of good design has the power to amplify our emotional connection with the spaces we reside in.

The elements within the environment, such as the contrast between light and shadow further work to complement and enrich the architectural style. The consideration of nature and elements are imperative considerations in interior design.

Explore our furnishings, of varying styles, seeking to inspire a life filled with intentional design and fill your spaces with feelings and emotion.