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Coco Republic provides a customised service for selecting and styling furniture within the comfort of your own home. Our team of skilled design consultants will personally meet you to understand your vision, requirements, and unique style. Leveraging our wide range of distinctive furniture and home decor options, we collaborate with you to curate a stunning and harmonious living space that perfectly reflects your lifestyle and personal taste.

The world of Coco Republic cultivates a world of effortless luxury. The design heritage is woven into the fabric of the brand with sophisticated attention to detail and innovation, combined with the finest craftsmanship and quality.


During our consultation, we will delve into the extensive Coco Republic range, exploring furniture and homeware options tailored to your specific space, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. Following our discussion, we will present you with a concept moodboard, showcasing upholstery and finish choices, along with a visually accurate floor plan and a detailed quotation for the discussed selections.

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Virtual Design Consultations

No matter your circumstances - be it a lockdown situation, distance from our showrooms, or a nomadic lifestyle - we proudly provide complimentary virtual consultations to cater to your needs from anywhere. Our dedicated design consultants are available to guide you on various aspects, ranging from selecting the perfect finishing touches like rugs and cushions to crafting visual floorplans and moodboard presentations tailored to your space.

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