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  1. Inspiration

    Gifts for People Who Have Everything

    It’s a common scenario: you’re tasked with getting the perfect gift for a family member, coworker, or friend, but you have no idea what to buy them.  What do y...
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  2. Interior spaces

    How To Arrange a Living Room/Dining Room Combo

    Certain spaces in your home can serve multiple purposes. A guest room could also serve as a nursery when needed. A bedroom is a place for rest but also could serve as a home off...
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  3. Inspiration

    Series VI: Indoor/Outdoor Living

    Harmoniously blending the indoors and outdoorsAustralians have a true affinity for embracing the great outdoors. A climate characterised by fresh air, open skies, the sounds of ...
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  4. Inspiration

    In Real Life - Anthony Spon-Smith

    Bringing Design to LifeWell-considered design isn’t just about what you see. It pays close attention to how it makes you feel. With an intrinsic sense of design and a good...
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  5. Inspiration

    Series IV: Palm Springs, California

    Harmoniously blending the indoors and outdoorsThe climate in Palm Springs is sub-tropical encouraging an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Fresh air, open skies and sun-filled interiors...
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  6. Inspiration

    Series III: Flinders, Victoria

    A change of scenery can invigorate the soulThe rugged coastal environment is consumed with natural beauty. A sense of freedom is felt when you gaze out as far as your eyes can s...
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  7. Inspiration

    Series II: Byron Bay, New South Wales

    A landscape characterised by bountiful pristine beaches and lush rainforestsThe coastlines of Australia offer uncompromising beauty. Exploring the vast landscape is a pastime fo...
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  8. Inspiration

    Series I: Palm Springs, California

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  9. In-Residence Design Series IV: Shape & Form

    In-Residence Design Series IV: Shape & Form

    Design Inspired By Mixing Shape & FormIntriguing Objet d'Art has art and the elements of design at its core. The basic elements of design are key to making aesthetically fas...
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  10. In-Residence Design Series III: Line & Visual Harmony​

    In-Residence Design Series III: Line & Visual Harmony​

    Design Inspired By Mixing Line & Visual HarmonyIntriguing Objet d’Art acclaims pieces with design in every detail. Our In-Residence Design Series III considers the ass...
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  11. In-Residence Design Series I: Texture & Color

    In-Residence Design Series I: Texture & Color

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