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  1. Inspiration

    Exploring Extraordinary Dining Spaces

    Harmoniously blending the indoors and outdoorsOften quite communal, the dining room offers a versatile space for relaxation, socialising and entertaining. This room is known fo...
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  2. Inspiration

    In Real Life - Amaury Treguer

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  3. Inspiration

    Inspiration - Outdoor Accessorising

    Harmoniously blending the indoors and outdoorsAs a culture, Australians have a strong fondness for the outdoors, centred by an alfresco lifestyle, particularly during the warmer...
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  4. Inspiration

    Malmo Outdoor Range

    Inspired by the minimalist style of Scandinavian design the Malmo Outdoor collection is comprised of 8 pieces, ranging from tables to chairs and sunlounges. Sophisticated in des...
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  5. Inspiration

    A Truly Timeless Piece - Dune Modular Sofa

    Harmoniously blending the indoors and outdoorsOur pieces are designed to complement the spaces in which they exist. The Dune Modular Sofa is versatile in comfort and style, the ...
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  6. How To Pick the Right Size Rug for Under Your Dining Table

    Rugs are functional furnishings that add color, pattern, and a bit of life to a space. They’re also a good way to keep floors clean and cozy, especially in the dining area...
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  7. Our Guide on How To Take Care of Leather Furniture

    Leather furniture is classic, durable, and beautiful. Although leather furniture and upholstery may require special care and treatment, nothing says put-together more than a mid...
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  8. Interior spaces

    5 Living Room Accent Chairs Ideas

    You can elevate the feel of your living room with just one piece of furniture. All you have to do is add an accent chair to change the entire feeling of your space.  There...
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  9. Interior spaces

    7 Outdoor Living Space Ideas

    Inspiration for interior design seems to be everywhere, with room ideas abounding for every space in the house. When it comes to outdoor design, things seem a little trickier. ...
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  10. Interior spaces

    How To Choose Rugs for a Living Room in 2022

    Designing your living room means you have to consider several elements of design — sofas, wall art, and, in particular, rugs. Area rugs add color, texture, and pattern to ...
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  11. Interior spaces

    The Ultimate Guide on How To Clean a Sofa

    Sofas are a necessary addition to every home. They provide a gathering place, whether it’s for a movie night or a comfortable nightcap with friends and loved ones.  ...
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