A desert landscape characterised by mid-century modern architecture

Palm Springs is home to some of the world’s most beautiful homes with a large concentration of mid-century modern architecture. Mid-century modern architecture is characterised by clean lines, open floor plans and a minimalist feel, enabling the architectural design to speak for itself.

The product design lends itself to the architectural style forming the essence of a well-designed life.

This architectural style dissolves the boundaries between interiors and exteriors, inviting an indoor-outdoor lifestyle in the desert climate. The desert evokes a sense of majestic serenity, characterised by the untamed natural elements of air, light and sand, offering a complex sensory experience and inspiring our product design.

Dune Modular Sofa 

Dune Modular Sofa   

The Dune Modular Sofa is simple in style and design, symbolic of the vastness of the desert landscape. A sofa that is complementary to mid-century modern architecture embodying simplicity, characterised by clean lines with an emphasis on function.

Willow Modular Sofa

With a curvaceous billowing form and a stylised silhouette, the Willow Modular Sofa celebrates the dualities of comfort and nuanced modern design. It works in harmony with the home featuring geometric shapes and a progressive feeling united with this architectural movement.

La Croix Chaise

An architectural movement that pushed the design world forward shares commonalities with the La Croix Chaise, which is dramatically intriguing. The soft curves create a sense of calmness and relaxation, feelings often felt in the desert due to the vastness and silence.

Breu Outdoor Lounge Chair

Also comprising of clean lines is the Breu Outdoor Lounge Chair. Its low-profile and contrasting material elements inject a sense of tranquillity. Minimalism can at first glance feel undone. However, it is undone in a way that is sophisticated and effortlessly the design works. The Lounge Chair epitomises minimalism being a piece that can stand alone allowing the architectural form to work within architecture of Palm Springs.

The blending of nature and architectural styles are rich sources of inspiration in our latest movement and new collections.

Available online now. Coming to showrooms in mid-May 2022