Design Inspired By Mixing Texture & Color

Intriguing Objet d'Art In-Residence Design Series I introduces texture and color, two integral design elements and part of the artistic vision for the collection. Color and texture work together or juxtapose to define the visual impact, feeling and ambiance of a space.

Texture & color can be used to add depth, dimension and create unexpected interior spaces.

Colors and emotions are closely connected. Color can influence the way we think, feel, and behave, and can define the atmosphere of a room. Color may make your space feel larger, lighter, or cosier.
Texture is used in interior design to create accents and add visual weight. The collection elevates the mixing of luxury textures and materials, with the use of materials such as marble, rattan, or boucle, to add a sophisticated aesthetic, depth, and dimension to design. Texture is used in the collection to evoke intrigue and create focal points of interest.

Discover the Texture & Color Edit 

Tasmin Modular Sofa  

The Tasmin Modular Sofa has pure comfort in mind. Available in a curated selection of upholstery options to appeal to various moods and interior designs.

Soho Side Table  

A unique progressive piece is the Soho Side Table. With its intersecting volumes of marble and burnished brass top, it is ideal as an accent or side table, or as a sculptural decorative piece.

Zurich Occasional Chair  

With a unique curvaceous form, the Zurich Occasional Chair blurs the line between art and furniture. Fully customised upholstery of luxe fabrics to suit varied interiors.

Clara Coffee Table  

The Clara Coffee Table features bold materials and geometric forms, handcrafted from a solid natural oak top offset by the smooth surface of the honed Carrara marble, burnished brass and textured wire brushed black stained oak. 

The use of texture and color in interior design has the power to create unexpected spaces. Mixing of textures and colors, which complement each other will add depth, sophistication and inspire conversations with multiple focal points of interest.

Available online now. Coming to showrooms in mid-May 2022