Design Inspired By Mixing Shape & Form

Intriguing Objet d'Art has art and the elements of design at its core. The basic elements of design are key to making aesthetically fascinating interiors. Space and form are two elements, which can help you create balance and inhabit the mood of your space. The collection features progressive pieces with mixed shapes and contrasting forms, creating interest and intrigue.

The use of geometric forms and shapes adds a fascinating and uplifting touch to interior design and decorating.

Geometry is considered in architectural and interior design to ensure the space features the right angles, curves, and flows in an aesthetically pleasing way. Choosing homewares and furniture to compliment your home is also achieved by geometry.

An interior and the geometry of the shapes and forms that embody it can be used to create distinct sensations and effects. In contrast to harsh geometrics, balanced and naturally shaped objects can lend a softness to an interior. An interesting room can be crafted by combining these contrasting forms.  
The Intriguing Objet d'Art collection mixes curious shapes with progressive forms with the Paloma Collection exemplifies this mix, designed with a juxtaposed approach to materiality and form.

Discover the Shape & Form Edit 

Paloma Bar Cabinet  

The Paloma celebrates a harmonious juxtaposition of scale and texture to deliver timeless allure and palpable cool. Combining the delicate texture of natural rattan, framed by solid oak, and burnished brass accents and topped with a solid timber curvilinear form, the range captures the spirit of California in iconic style.

Zurich Occasional Chair

Designed to inspire a connection between shape and form, the Zurich Occasional Chair blurs the line between art and furniture, realised in a striking and comfortable occasional chair. Featuring a solid steel sub-frame and high-resilience foam, fully upholstered in luxe fabrics to suit any interior.

Clara Coffee Table

Featuring bold materials and geometric forms, the Clara Coffee Table adds striking designer flair to your interior. Handcrafted from a solid natural oak top offset by the smooth surface of the honed Carrara marble, burnished brass and textured wire brushed black stained oak.

Alta Timber Accent Chair

The Alta Timber Accent Chair appears to defy gravity while taking on a solid form. Handcrafted using time-honored joinery techniques that celebrate the inherent natural beauty of solid timber. Whether placed in an entrance or positioned in front of an artwork, this chair will be sure to take pride of place as a sculptural centerpiece.

Considering space and form in interior design is important to evoke balance, charm, and interest in your home. The collection comprises unique pieces that strike a balance between classic and progressive forms, forging an emotional connection between art and design to bring life to your space.

Available online now. Coming to showrooms in mid-May 2022