It’s a common scenario: you’re tasked with getting the perfect gift for a family member, coworker, or friend, but you have no idea what to buy them. 

What do you get from people who have everything? Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, holiday, or another special occasion, our team at Coco Republic is here to help you find a great gift they’re sure to love. 

Strategies for Finding the Best Gifts

Gifts for People Who Have EverythingGifts for People Who Have Everything

Most of us purchase gifts and gift sets multiple times a year, but sometimes, you need a bit of inspiration. With a bit of planning, you can find unique gifts everyone on your list will love.

We’ve created this gift guide to ensure you get the best gift possible. We’d like to present our gift ideas, which include a curated selection of furniture, rugs, homewares, and beyond, because we understand that you and your loved ones deserve nothing but the best.




Shop (or Avoid) the Latest Trends

Scanning TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest for gift ideas can pay off if you know your giftee doesn’t get on social media much. It seems like a new life-changing product is released every day. 

If your gift recipient stays on top of current trends, you’ll have to think a little bit more outside the box for their vibe.

Inquire About What They Want

Don’t be afraid to ask for a wishlist. Most people would rather get a gift they asked for than a gift they were surprised to receive.

If you have a general idea of what would make the perfect gift but aren’t sure about the scent, color, or flavor, consider a sampler. Many brands offer trial-sized samples of their best-selling products so your giftee can try them all.

Asking your loved ones about their wishlist is also a wonderful way to splurge on something they need.

For example, if your giftee needs a new dining table and has fallen in love with the fresh and modern appeal of our St Martin Outdoor Round Extension Ceramic Dining Table, you can confidently spend a little extra on a present that they’re sure to love.

This sleek aluminum table with a ceramic top comes in a lustrous white or gleaming charcoal finish and will add a crisp, modern appeal to any outdoor space. Pair it with several chairs in different styles for an even more dynamic space to dine.

Gifts for People Who Have EverythingGifts for People Who Have Everything

Gift Ideas To Try This Year

While spending more on a thoughtful gift your loved one has been eyeing will show them how much you care, it’s not necessarily worth it to splurge just for the sake of splurging.

It really is the thought that counts. Most people do not care how much money you spend on a gift. They just enjoy being thought of (especially friends and loved ones who count gifts as their top love language).

Now that you’re armed with a few strategies for gift-giving, we can dive into some specific gift ideas. We’ve rounded up some of the top ideas for every person on your list.

Gifts for People Who Have EverythingGifts for People Who Have Everything

Help With Housewarming

If your giftee just moved into a new home or apartment, consider gifting them something they can use in their new space. Furniture, home decor, and housewares can make a great gift for someone looking to fill their home.

We offer a large variety of housewarming gifts that will fit any style. If you go this route, take some time to understand your giftee’s style and needs.

Here are a few unique ideas:

Coffee table books. These larger, more stylish books can pull a living room together, but they can feel like an impractical thing to buy yourself. We have coffee table books for every interest and aesthetic, whether your loved one has a passion for Joseph Dirand designs or Calvin Klein.

Kitchen gadgets. If they’re just moving in, chances are they don’t have everything they need for their kitchen yet. Consider getting them an artful wine decanter or some beautiful coasters in a gift box.

Select Stunning Art 

While this gift requires that you’re familiar with the taste of the person you’re gifting to, art can make a wonderful gift for the person who has everything. Pick an artist you know they love or gift them a piece of art that reminds you of their style.

If you’re planning to select wall art, consider our Solando Gold Halo. The gleaming gold contrasts with the light background to create a piece reminiscent of the midday sun. This eye-catching piece will serve as a focal point for any living room.

For the giftee who prefers abstract neutrals, our Vichy Abstract Collage III combines various shades of off-white and tan with stark black for a look that will do anything but fade into the background.

If you’d prefer to gift a piece of art with more body to it, consider one of Coco Republic’s plinths or sculptures. For a large, stand-alone piece, consider our Marble Plinth. The luxurious stone creates a sleek, rectangular shape that adds a touch of elegance to any room.

For a gift that guests will not be able to look away from, choose the Eton Fossil Timber Statue, a smaller piece that combines the organic form of petrified wood with the clean lines of a marble block. Each piece is entirely unique, so you can help your giftee elevate their room even further.

Gift an Experience, Not a Product

If your giftee buys themselves everything they could ever want or need, think outside the box and gift an experience instead of a product. Foodies will love a cooking class, and music enthusiasts will value concert tickets. The perfect gift for an alcohol aficionado could be a tequila tasting.

If a friend or family member just moved into a new home or is looking for a refresh, gift them bespoke and comprehensive interior design services we offer here at Coco Republic. Choose between our various package options to curate your loved one’s experience and help them decorate the home of their dreams. Whether they’re a minimalist, a maximalist, or anything in between, we can help.

Make Adjustments to the Everyday 

While your giftee may have everything they need, you can help them by upgrading items they use regularly. Instead of going for the cheap, easy option you find online, buy something more upscale, like one of Coco Republic’s sophisticated and high-quality interior design pieces.

A stylish mirror like our Vortex Round Wall Mirror could replace the boring one that they have hanging in their bathroom right now. The round shape and geometric zig-zag frame mean that this piece acts both as a functional item and a piece of art; it’s sure to stand out.

Shop for the Sentimental 

If you’re shopping for a close friend, family member, or significant other, consider going the sentimental route. Think about your best memories together, and gift them something that reminds you of that time, whether it be a personalized gift or a simple memento. 

Don’t Overdo It

If you’re shopping for a gift for a coworker or someone you don’t know particularly well, you can come across as thoughtful by sticking with a simple gift like a gift basket, flowers, or a candle.

Even something as petite as our Atwood Tray or Newport Planter can show how much you care through their quality and sophistication without requiring an over-personalized touch.

The grey marble of the Atwood Tray is set off by gleaming brass handles, making an ideal focal point for a neutral-themed space or a spot of relief for the eye in a maximalist room.

The Newport Planter can stand proudly beside a doorway with a matched twin, or it can hold a lovely plant of their choice. Greenery will set off its cream color nicely.


Gifts for People Who Have EverythingGifts for People Who Have Everything

Get a Gift That Keeps on Giving 

Instead of just giving a one-time birthday gift or holiday gift that might end up in the back of their closet, consider something that will keep you on their mind year-round. Over the past few years, subscription boxes have become popular for everything from coffee to wine. Choose something your giftee is passionate about and find a corresponding box.

Gift Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture

For those in your life who love being outdoors, you can never go wrong with gifting them outdoor furniture to elevate their space.

If you want to give them a full set, try pairing our Berlin Outdoor Sofa with the Boffi Indoor/Outdoor Coffee Table. This modern table is crafted from premium marble and complements the sleek and curved profile of the refined weatherproof olefin fabric couch. It will be the perfect touch for someone aiming to build the perfect patio.

Gifts for People Who Have EverythingGifts for People Who Have Everything

Think Practical With Storage Solutions

Practical doesn’t need to mean boring. Storage is an important aspect of any home, and it seems like people always need more of it — which is why so many of our products aim to combat that.

A sideboard is one way to make storage look elegant. Our Barolo Sideboard is simple in form, and its shagreen-embossed leather adds a perfect contrast between texture and tone. Inspired by the sleek skin of stingrays and the unique aesthetic of the 1970s, this piece will stand out in any room.

If you’re looking for something smaller yet still helpful, the Sebastien Bar Cabinet is a stunning choice. It evokes a sense of timelessness with its brass hardware and sleek, black wooden design. The texture on the front panels hides the perfect place to store your bar furnishings or anything else that you’d like to tuck away.

Help Them Find a New Hobby

If you know your friend is interested in starting a new hobby or activity, use their birthday or holiday gift as a way to help them get started. Get them a new chess set to play, a water bottle to hike, or cookware to craft a meal with. 

Add Comfort With Throw Pillows


Sometimes, comfort can be the greatest gift of all. If your loved one’s sense of style is all about being cozy and comfortable, a throw pillow will make an excellent gift.

For an essential touch of elegance, the Sara Velvet Scatter Cushion in cream is exactly what they need for their sofa. The soft texture will make a lovely contrast to more intense design choices and colors.

The Fable Linen Scatter Cushion in grey is a high-quality basic that will compliment any interior design scheme, from modern to casual and anything in between. If you’re crafting a space with more organic-looking elements, the light texture of the linen will set it off stunningly.

Keep It Simple

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Many people are afraid to give practical gifts like gift cards, even though most gift receivers (especially people who like to shop for themselves) would love to receive one.

Go the extra mile by making sure it’s a gift card for somewhere they either love to shop at already or have mentioned wanting to try, like Coco Republic’s Online Gift Voucher. That way, they can get everything they want and more.

Gifts for People Who Have EverythingGifts for People Who Have Everything

Start Gifting Today

Remember, it truly is the thought that counts. Spend some time thinking about what your giftee will enjoy, add a note, and they’re sure to love whatever you choose.

You can never go wrong with our curated collection of furniture, accessories, and home goods here at Coco Republic for a high-quality gift that’s guaranteed to inspire.